Residential Painting Sydney

Professional House Painting Services in Sydney

A pristine paintjob is the final touch on your home. We spend more time in our homes than anywhere else. Living in a pleasant environment makes all the difference to quality of our lives. Ensure the best possible results for your home with our professional painting.

Many home owners try to paint their home themselves. This type of DIY project has become popular in television media over the past few year. But many people underestimate the time involved in painting and restoration. And they forget than most people cannot create the results achieved by the winners on the television programmes. Professional painting is the most reliable option of for the best results.

People who try to paint their own homes in their spare time find that even a small house takes many weeks. They have to fit the painting time in with their day job. Often the paintwork is substandard, and the home is left with disappointing results.

At King Kong Painting Services we are experienced home painters, working efficiently and delivering impeccable results. Our approach is professional and our materials are environmentally sound. We can have your house painted in minimal time, with little disruption to your routine.

Our professional background and experience lets us consult on the best painting scheme for your home. Do you want advice on the best décor colours? The best paint for bathroom, kitchens, and children’s rooms? Let us help you plan in advance for the best possible results.

Come home to a transformed house. Let us make your home the best place it can be!

Interior or home exterior painting.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

We work in most Sydney area.