Painting Edges

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The quality of the edges can be the factor that separates the professional paint job from the amateur. Neat edges are not difficult to achieve with some skill and preparation.

Painting edges are the joint between the plasterboard wall and either the skirting board or the cornice on the roof. Else, there are edges around a door or window frame.

Painting edges tips:

  1. Use a smaller brush and put a small amount of paint in a shallow container. This way there will only be paint on the tip of the brush. A 50 mm to 63mm brush is a good size for this.
  2. You can use masking tape to cover the side of the edge that is not to be painted. Make sure the surface is clean and that the masking tape is pressed down firmly.
  3. A paintbrush with a slanted edge is designed to edge painting, though there are many professionals who stick with the straight brushes.
  4. Make sure there is good lighting when you paint. This helps prevent any missed spots, especially when working with lighter colours. Some individuals like to use a light on their head (like miners use) to see he area that they paint.
  5. When painting in tight corners it can help to wiggle the brush. This releases a little more paint onto the surface.
  6. When painting into a 90 degree edge (like where the wall meets the ceiling) it helps to push paint into the edge on a first pass, and then spread the paint on a second pass.
  7. If you do get paint on the wrong side of an edge you can remove it with a damp cloth. Try wrapping the cloth (one layer) around a flat putty knife or scraper and running it along the clean edge.

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DIY projects can be satisfying, but it takes a considerable amount of time to paint your whole home.

Have your home professionally painted. Be sure of a good result, and spend your spate time on something enjoyable rather than home maintenance.

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