Filling Gaps and Cracks

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There is often some minor repair work needed before repainting interior home walls. Walls will suffer the occasional dent or crack. These need to be filled in order to obtain he best possible paint finish.

Some holes on walls are from removed fixtures like mirrors, shelves, or mountings for television sets. Unless the fixtures are to be replaced these will also need to be filled before painting.

Even new houses may suffer the occasional crack or gap in the wall. The builders should make sure that there is no structural fault behind this type of damage. Then the gap or crack can be filled with plaster.

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  1. Clean the damaged area. Vacuum and use sugar soap.
  2. Make sure the area has no protruding elements; the surface should be flat. Use a knife to remove anything that stands up from the surface.
  3. Lightly sand the area; a rough surface help joints to bond.
  4. A small gap can be simply filled with plaster. Anything wider than about half an inch will require some mesh over the gaps to help hold the plaster while it sets.
  5. Mix up enough plaster to fill the hole.
  6. Apply plaster with a putty knife. Make sure the surface is reasonably flat.
  7. When the plaster is dry, sometimes it only takes an hour, sand the area completely flat. Use a flat block of wood behind the sand paper. (Some plasters take 24 hours to set. Read the instructions.)
  8. Vacuum the area to remove dust.
  9. When the plaster is completely dry you can paint the wall. Applying primer over the repaired gap can help the area blend in with the rest of the wall.
    Some plasters cannot be painted till 24 hours after application. Read the instructions.

Larger gaps around pipes or between surfaces can be filled with insulating foam sealant.

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Professionals will undertake all the right surfaces preparation, including gap repair, before painting. This ensures the best results.

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