Types of Paint Finish

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House paint comes in countless different colours, and it also comes with several different finishes. The finish is the surface texture and shine of the paint, factors which affect the light reflecting properties of paint on a wall. Each of the different finishes have a few advantages, though with modern paint these advantages are less pronounced than in the past.

Gloss Paint

This gloss paint was one the most common type of paint both indoors and out. It has a smooth, almost mirror type finish that is easy to clean. It is also quite water resistant. Its only disadvantage is that its light reflecting properties will show any imperfections on the surface. So walls must be free from dents and scratches before painting.

These days Gloss paint is mostly used on external houses painting. Internal painting often uses other paint finishes.


This is a less shiny version of Gloss paint. It is reasonably easy to clean and will not reveal wall imperfections. For many years this was popular for indoor painting, being seen as a good compromise between gloss and matt finish.

Matt Finish Paint.

Matt paint has a less reflective surface, almost like chalk. This means it effectively covers up imperfections in the wall. But it also tend to be prone to staining as the textured surface was a hared to clean and prone to absorbing liquids and grease. Modern matt paints are significantly better for cleaning than matt paint from a generation ago.

Eggshell Paint Finish

This is a modern paint technology. Eggshell finish paint will hide surface imperfections in a similar manner to Matt paint, but it is also quite easy to clean and not prone to staining.

Eggshell paint combines the advantages of other paint types. It has proved the most popular internal paint in recent years.

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Eggshell paint can be put on with almost any roller and brush. By contrast, a good gloss finish requires a fine bristle brush and a certain smooth finish roller nap (surface).

Eggshell finish and some modern matt finishes are the popular choice for most interior surfaces. The exception is bathrooms and some kitchen surfaces where the improved moisture resistant properties of gloss are preferred. Some people also like gloss on windowsill and skirting boards, simply for the shiny finish.

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Talk to the professionals about the best paint for your home. The best colour décor means an environment you can be proud to live in. the best finish and best products means a long lasting result.

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