Surface Preparation before re-Painting

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Correct preparation is an essential part of any craft or trade. Walls, ceilings and other surfaces needed to properly cleaned as part of the preparation for re-painting.

A new house of new room will use an appropriate primer before painting. Re-painting does not require primer, but it does require cleaning. Failure to correctly clean the walls and ceiling will lead to a disappointing paint result.

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Residential homes and other building will accumulate grease, dirt, grime, dust and other contaminants on their surfaces. These contaminant will prevent a layer of paint from correctly bonding to the surface. Even the grease from human hands is enough to cause problems with re-painting.

Attempts to paint over an unclean surface will lead to painted walls with a rough surface, blistering or peeling paint, paint that quickly flakes away from the wall, or simply walls with uneven colour. This is unsatisfactory.

It takes as much time to paint a clean surface as it takes to paint a badly prepared surface. But the badly prepared surface will look far worse. It then takes more time to fix the problems with the paintwork. It is better to prepare the surface correctly; this saves time later on.

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It is best to clean walls with sugar soap or Trisodium Phosphate before painting. These are mildly base (alkaline) solutions that remove almost all grease and oil from any surfaces. Usually this type of cleaning is sufficient for most rooms of the house.

Walls nears stoves or fireplaces may require more heavy duty cleaning. The grease and other contaminants on these walls have been baked on with high temperatures, and are often a little difficult to remove.

Citrus cleaners like De-Solve-It will remove most heavy grease problems. These are quite safe.

Turpentine and Acetone are very strong solvents that can be used for extreme stains and stubborn grease marks. Care must be taken as these solvents are harmful to skin and quite flammable.

Bathrooms tend to accumulate soap scum, so they need thorough cleaning. Any areas that are frequently touched by hands, like cupboard handles, of window sills and frames, probably need extra cleaning attention.

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Good cleaning preparation will ensure the best painting results.

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