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Polyurethane is a clear coating. It is commonly used on timber, some painted surfaces and occasionally other materials. IAs well as providing a protective layer it has an attractive mirror gloss finish.

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Polyurethane would not usually be used on the walls of residential homes, but it can be used on trim, banisters, wooden skirting boards, wooden stairways, and some furniture. It is often used effectively on timber flooring.

There are two general types of Polyurethane:

Water Based Polyurethane

This is highly transparent, almost invisible- it basically retains the colour of the timber while adding the glossy mirror finish.

Water based polyurethane requires about 4 coats, but as the individual coats dry in two hours so a surface can be completed in a single day.

Solvent Based Polyurethane

This is slightly thicker than water based products, and it has a slight tint. This solvent based polyurethane will turn a mild amber brown with age. For some timber applications this slightly earth tint is desirable.

Floors and other timber surfaces generally require two coats of solvent based polyurethane. As this product require 24 hour to dry the two coats will need to be applied on separate days. The fumes from solvent based polyurethane are quite strong, so room should not be occupied for a few days after application.

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Consider polyurethane for highlighting and protecting natural timber.

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