Occasional Paint Problems

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New houses look good when completed with a fine paint job. Problems here are very rare. But older homes are a different matter. Conditions sometimes do not lend themselves to good painting results, or perhaps to the painted finish lasting very long. In these cases the walls and home may need some renovation work before a good paint job is possible.


Blistering that develops over time is almost certainly caused by moisture underneath the paint. This strongly suggests a serious problem with leaking in the plumbing or from the roof. Have this inspected because long term water problems can cause serious damage.

Some external paint will blister after years in the Sun, but this is usually no cause for concern.


This is where a fine powder, like chalk, appears on the paint surface. Mild cases of this are of no real concern; this occurs on newly painted walls. But if the chalking continues there is a problem. The pain may have been thinned too much, of the surface was poorly prepared.

Preparing a surface before painting, cleaning with sugar soap, will prevent 99% of chalking problems.

Mud Cracking

If irregular lines form in your paintwork, looking like cracked concrete or mud, then there has been a problem with the painting. This is probably due to a porous surface that has not been primed. Removal of the damage paint, followed by priming and repainting, is needed to repair the problem.


This is basically a fungus that grow in damp, dark conditions. Poor ventilation make the problem worse.

Bleach will remove mildew.

Quality acrylic paints will offer a fair degree of protection against mildew.


If the paint peels off then either the surface was dirty before painting or there was no primer under the paint.

These surfaces will have to be sanded back and repainted correctly with an appropriate primer under quality paint.


If paint is too thick, and this includes painting a second coat before the first coat has dried, then paint will tend to wrinkle. It may also wrinkle if the surface is greasy.

This type of damage will require repainting, with undercoat and adequate drying time between coats.

Yellowing Paint

Some paints will slowly turn yellow if exposed to continual heat or if left in dark conditions. Good quality paint resists this yellowing.

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We spend more time in our homes than anywhere else. It make sense to keep our home in the best condition possible. Well thought our décor that includes the right paint design goes a long way to giving us an attractive home interior.

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