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The paint used on a home’s exterior is very different to the paint used for interior walls, and different again to many other types of paint.

Where interior paint is formulated for easy cleaning and soft light reflection external paint is formulated to resist fading in sunlight and to resist mould. There is no good reason for using one type of paint in a situation that is better suited to another type of paint.

Paint for a home exterior is almost always glossy. These paints may also be oil based, though water based exterior paints also exist. It is easier to use oil based paints outdoors because fumes are less of an issue.

The resin in exterior paint, which is connected to the glossy finish, is much tougher than the resin in interior paint. It is this resin that binds the pigment in the paint to the wall surface. The tougher resin in exterior paint will resist temperature changes and fading from sunlight.  And while exterior paintwork will eventually chip and peel in harsh weather the exterior paint is far more resistant to this damage than almost any other types of paint.

Priming, Sealing and Undercoat.

Wood is usually coated with a primer, sealer or undercoat before painting. Primer is designed to give a suitable, slightly rough surface for paint to bind to. Sealer is to prevent paint from soaking into a timber (or other) surface. Undercoat gives a neutral, consistent surface, so that nothing shows through the final paint job. Undercoat makes timber and plaster repairs look identical when painted over.

Some products combine the characteristics of primers, sealers and undercoat.

Some external parts of the home may be metal, masonry, cement, or material other than wood. Each of these must be primed and painted with paint suitable for this surface.

Professional Painters Sydney

Professional painting will restore the original appearance of your home, or give it a whole new look. A professional level paintjob uses the right primers, high quality external paint and the right painting technique, ensuring that the final result is as long lasting as possible.

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