Common Mistakes with Exterior Paint.

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It is too easy to fall into the mistakes made by all people on their first attempt. If we are painting a house these mistakes are rather costly and time consuming.

Choosing paint based on the ‘true colours’.

Did you look at the colours sample under interior lighting? The light has a huge effect on the colour we see.

Try looking at a colour sample outdoors under moderate daylight conditions. This is a more accurate impression of the external colour(s).

Take Advantage of Samples

Even if you estimate the colour in the right way the paint may look different on the wall. This applies to interior walls more than the exterior of the house, but it is always something to consider. 

Paint colours have a mass tone and an undertone. The mass tone is what we perceive as the general colour of the paint. But if we put that paint colour against a pure sample of the same colour we see that there is more to the paint that what we initially saw.

A sample pot of paint will give a fair indication of how the paint will look on the wall.

The Environment of the Home

You home is probably not in the middle of a plain neutral background.

The colours you choose for your house might work with each other, but they might also clash with the gardens, the general neighbourhood or even the neighbours’ homes. 

You home and garden should neatly complement each other, so choose colours accordingly.

Cleaning and Repair.

The paint won’t cover up many faults. Damage needs to be fixed, gaps need to be filled.

Any grease and grime needs to be removed from the home exterior, as this will always compromise the paint to some degree.

This makes all the difference to the final coat of paint.

Professional Painters Sydney

Call professionals to paint your home. Their consultation will make sure you make the right choices to get the results you want.

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