Primer House Painter Sydney

Professional Painters Sydney Paint is very rarely applied directly to a surface.  Most surfaces need a primer coat in order for the paint to bond well. Different surfaces, wood, plaster, metal …etc. usually require different primers. Interior Residential House Painting Sydney Most interior walls surfaces are Gyprock (plasterboard). This gyprock surface cannot be painted on […]

Surface Preparation before re-Painting

Painting Service Sydney Correct preparation is an essential part of any craft or trade. Walls, ceilings and other surfaces needed to properly cleaned as part of the preparation for re-painting. A new house of new room will use an appropriate primer before painting. Re-painting does not require primer, but it does require cleaning. Failure to […]

Types of Paint Finish

Interior Painting Services Sydney House paint comes in countless different colours, and it also comes with several different finishes. The finish is the surface texture and shine of the paint, factors which affect the light reflecting properties of paint on a wall. Each of the different finishes have a few advantages, though with modern paint […]

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